10 Things First Time Moms Shouldn’t Worry About

Giving birth to a baby, becoming a new mother, and work at home and office can cause immense stress. Bringing a new life into the world is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you are a working woman. Women face many issues during this phase of their lives.

Being a new mother is always frightening in the beginning. However, that does mean that others, who have already gone through the same experience are always right. Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect mother.

1)Before Childbirth

It is understood that first time pregnant women give more importance to things such as monthly protrusion of the belly, cravings to eat or supposed to eat, drink, etc, keeping physical and mental stress and strain at bay, etc.

However, the first time pregnant women also need to prepare a log wherein they enter their daily activities, in order to stay on track. They often compare their daily activities with the previous entries to be sure that they do not miss out on any of those. This will keep them active and organized, thereby keeping the mental and physical stress away.

2) Do not panic

Pregnant women tend to panic often and are not able to handle small issues such as

  • Eating a cup of ice-cream more than their regular diet
  • Trying out some dishes for the first time to beat their cravings
  • Bathing in the water that falls under the scale of warmer or colder than-the-lukewarm-water
  • Craving for something out of their suggested diet

3) Forcing to Stick to their Diet

First time to be moms force themselves to strictly follow their suggested diet. This leads to immense mental stress and can affect the unborn. Always remember that breaking one or two rules sometime can never causes any harm to you or your baby’s health, unless it is something like smoking or consumption of alcohol.

4) Don’t Let Fear Overcome You

Never let fear overcome your judging skills. Always try to converse openly with your midwife or OBGYN or even with your husband about every change that you feel. Talk to them about your morning sickness, how exactly are you feeling on that particular day, time and month, etc, and other such things to learn more about the common conditions that comes with pregnancy.

5) After Birth

When the baby is in your womb, it is important that you take extra care to not harm yourself or the baby. However, the responsibility of being “a mother” starts only once the baby comes out of your womb. There a few things that you should be well aware about when the baby is born.

6) Crying

Crying is like a part of the baby’s life, right from the time it comes out of your womb. Babies also cry:

  • when they feel hungry,
  • when they cannot sleep peacefully
  • when they dirty their diapers
  • and the times when they are under or over stimulated

Pediatricians from all around the globe have concluded about the fact that crying is an important part of the life of an infant. Even though it is the only way and the babies try expressing their feeling, it never causes any serious effect on their health or hurt them in any way.

7) Breastfeeding

Nursing comes as a part of the nurturing package when you give birth. A few first time mothers often conclude about the fact that the babies find it difficult to eat enough food, if they do not feed them in a proper way. This is not true since nursing is a knowledge that the babies obtain by birth and new mothers do not need to put any effort in making their baby eat stomach full.

8) Feeding Food

You must remember that newborns depend mainly on your breast milk for the first 6 months or a year. Try not to feed your baby anything other than your milk for the first 6 months. Later, you could consult the pediatrician, and start feeding you infant with baby food. There is no harm in feeding your baby with baby food after a certain period of time.


Sneezing is one of the few characters, which the babies exhibit when they are sleeping or awake. Instead of panicking every time your baby sneezes, you can note down the temperature of your baby, since sudden change in the temperature from hospital to home environment might be the cause for the sneezing.

10) Is my little on sleeping too little or too much?

While the baby is just born, it sleeps most of the time. During this phase their sleeping pattern much depends on whether they were born during the day or night. As they grow up, they get into adult friendly sleeping pattern.