8 First Time Mom Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Being a first time mother is always anxious for almost every woman. Even though women have knowledge about various factors, they usually tend to panic when a new life is growing inside her or when it comes out from the warm sac. Here are some of the mistakes that women tend to make, when they become mother for the first time.

1) Not taking Enough Rest

When your body nurtures a life inside it for nine long months, it is understood that it requires few weeks to months to completely recover from the strain and pain it has gone through. The time duration required by the body to reset itself back to normal mode is a slow procedure and hence it is necessary that you take enough rest before jumping into being a new mother and taking care of the baby.

2) Being Territorial

When you look at someone whom you have never met for 9 months, it is a known fact that you will become quite attached and you cannot wait to embrace that little and fragile baby in your arms. However, it is not possible for few months since your body requires complete rest to set back to the normal mode.

During such occasions, mother tends to become territorial and do not like it when the baby is in everyone’s arms except hers. Even though they refuse to take any help for baby-sitting from their parents, friends, relatives or dear ones, they always regret it later since looking after a baby all alone is definitely not an easy job.

3) Panicking or thinking that they are doing it wrong

An infant’s first 12 months is filled with varieties of adventures such as,

  • crying in the middle of the night,
  • spitting up when you breastfeed or feed the formula,
  • vomiting

Mothers often panic when their child starts vomiting or crying or even spitting the milk or food. Always remember that even though baby expresses everything through crying, they can easily pick the vibes when the mother goes through anxiety, stress and strain while being around the baby. This not only puts the baby into stress, but also restricts new mother to enjoy every moment of their infant’s life for the first 12 months.

4) Using the Same Pacifier

Pacifiers are available in many flavors. Most of the new mothers use the same pacifier for the babies. By doing so, mothers make their babies get attached to only one type of pacifier and the babies might start rejecting the other types. Hence, pediatrics always suggests changing the flavor once every 7 days to keep them from getting attached to one particular type.

5) Cutting the Nails when the Baby is still awake

Cutting the overgrown nails of the babies and kids up to the age of 5 years is actually a tiring job for mothers since children never like to stay in a place without moving their hands or legs for 5 to 10 minutes. Some new mothers often make the mistake of cutting the nails of their baby when they are awake. This is not only dangerous, but can also take almost 90 to 95% of the free time the new mother gets to enjoy.

6) Panicking every time the Baby Cries

New mother often goes through many difficulties to make sure that the baby is playing, enjoying, eating, sleeping, etc, and everything else except for crying. They panic every time the baby cries and start checking thoroughly to understand the reason for crying. Newborns are more prone to crying even if you have just bathed, fed, wrapped with clean diapers and made them sleep just then, since infants does not know any other way of communicating than crying.

7) Strictly Following the Books or Expert Advice

When women learn that they are pregnant, they start collecting books, article clippings, magazines, etc, that are specially written about what to do, how to take care of themselves, what not to do, and so on. They always and completely rely on the information that they find in such sources and start panicking, if something out-of-the-books happen.

Even though you find hundreds of advice about how to take care of you and your baby, starting from the first trimester till the baby become 3 or 4 years, there is no such occasion when you cannot expect anything unexpected during these years. Instead of completely relying on these 3rd party sources, try communicating with your family members, especially your mother since no one knows what is best, than her.

8) Keeping the Dad Out

Women often believe that motherhood is all about baby and mother and dad does not have much role to play. This is one of the big mistakes that new mothers do. Even though they are the dads, they will sometimes know more by just looking after an infant than the mothers.