Taking Care of Your Fur Babies – How to Relieve Your Dog’s Joint Pain

It is very difficult for the owners of the pets to see their dog grow old or slow down. However, the slowing down of your dog that you are considering as a sign of aging may be because your dog is experiencing severe joint pain. Your dog may be finding it difficult to move around or to be active because of the joint pain. Also, since regular exercising is essential to maintain healthy muscles, your dog’s unwillingness to move around may worsen the situation and may stiffen the muscles further.

The simplest reason why a dog may be experiencing joint pain is due to their fast and active life. Dog’s joints may be pounding while running after that tennis ball or by jumping off the big heights. This routine is for sure normal for pet dogs. However, for some dogs it may create problems. More activity may sometimes result in injuries.

Mostly people start noticing this when dogs remain inactive for longer period and it is difficult and uncomfortable for them to move around smoothly. The dog may also have problem to get up on the couch or on the back seat of the car. They may even not be able to run along with you for long or play for long in the park. It is time that you start paying attention to your pet and check, if he or she has osteoarthritis.

What Causes Osteoarthritis in Dogs?

There can be two reasons leading to joint pain in dogs, developmental or degenerative. In developmental problem, there are chances that the dog is suffering from elbow or hip dysplasia. On the other hand, degenerative problems cover a bigger area. However, the most common one are cruciate ligament problems. This is when the ligaments start degenerating over time and cause instability and osteoarthritis.

Fortunately, with the help of glucosamine, you can now treat your dog and give him the energy and sportiness he or she always had. Let us see how it works…

Dog Glucosamine

When we talk about osteoarthritis in dogs, there are different joints, which can be affected by it. However, the most common one is the hip joint. Hip Dysplasia is a common condition in larger dogs. The condition accelerates the normal wear of cartilage and promotes bone-to-bone contact. This contact causes pain and this is known as arthritis.

Dogs, which are not suffering from hip dysplasia, may also face decreased cartilage with aging. Besides aging, dogs may also have pain in elbows, shoulders, knees and show cartilage loss or damage, which will respond to glucosamine.

Glucosamine products (such as Nutramax Dasuquin) have been used for years to help joint problems in pets. Their use has shown effective results and for now healing the symptoms of arthritis is its main target. These products are completely safe and can be used for humans, dogs, cats and horses.

However, since the product is not promoted well, many veterinarians don’t recommend them. Confused? Well, glucosamine are the products, which cannot be patented. Therefore, few pharmaceutical companies develop and promote these products.

Side Effects of Canine Glucosamine

There are no serious side effects associated with the product. The dog may vomit or suffer from diarrhea. However, if the dose is reduced or given with food, these side effects can be easily alleviated. The product is just perfect for long term use and usually after the first eight weeks of use, the dose is reduced.

If the product is prescribed for aging dogs, the dog needs to be on it for lifetime. This is because discontinuing the use of product may again show symptoms of arthritis.

Benefits of Glucosamine for Dogs

  • The product has an anti-inflammatory effect, which helps in reducing pain.
  • Side effects are minor.
  • Increases dog’s mobility by restoring joint health
  • Enhances lubrication in joints

Glucosamine products definitely take weeks to show results. However, since they are very effective and totally safe to use for long term it is worth waiting. Some of the common signs that proves your dog is recovering are playfulness, willing to climb stairs or jump or jog, less stiffness and overall a happy demeanor.

Use of a recommended glucosamine product can certainly not turn the time back for your pet. However, you would like to consider these products because they are natural and improve your dog’s health and quality of life. Several pet owners around the globe, who have used this amazing product, are surprised to see how their dog’s health improved and the rise of activity level of their dogs just after starting the dose.