Tips to Help You Travel with Kids

Who doesn’t like travelling? However, the idea of travelling with unhappy and annoyed kids is just the last thing anyone would wish to do. No matter how small or big your kids are, they know and understand everything. So, it is better to make them prepared well in advance for the journey you are planning to do.

While no one can promise that your kids will behave just like the way you want them to, you can at least be prepared to deal with their worst mood while travelling. Here are some great tips, which will help you tackle your kids better when you are out on road or up in the air.

Flying high

By the time you board the plane, you have already gone through a lot of hardships and waiting. You have strangers around you and all sorts of noises as well. Don’t, you think all this is a little too much for your kid too. Yes, indeed it is. Furthermore, the idea of flying high itself makes kids a little anxious, especially those who have never been in a flight. So, let’s see what you can do about this…

Start building a positive expectation regarding the journey in your kids mind. Just before a few days of travelling, you can show him/her airplanes flying in the sky or may be give her a toy airplane to play with. Most importantly, keep on telling them that they are going to fly soon and it is going to be great fun.

Next, make sure to carry all their favourite stuff while flying and also a couple of brand new things, which they have never seen before. You have to spend a big deal of time up in the air so make sure you have enough things that can occupy them. Since, new toys attract kids more, keep them secretively and give it to them just when they are difficult to handle. Remember, the more you involve your kids and pay attention on them, the more they will enjoy travelling.

Before boarding, try to engage them in physically challenging activities. For instance, ask them to push a small bag or if there is a play area for kids take them there. Next, when you are up in the air, narrate everything that they did in airport. This will make the journey a little memorable and fun. Also, since they were active in the airport, there are chances they might doze off quickly once they are seated.

Road trip with kids

The rules of travelling by road with kids are pretty much similar to the ones in flight. Keep them busy with something or the other and pay attention to everything that they are doing. Also, since you are on road, try taking breaks every hour or two. This will help your kids stretch their muscles and feel relaxed.

Every time you take a break, see if your kid is hungry and would like to grab a pack of chips. The more they are full and happy the nicer their mood will be. Also, you can consider detouring at a toy store or at a park. This will make them totally love the whole idea of travelling as well as keep them calm for hours.

Overnight stay

Most kids get annoyed with the idea of staying out of the comforts of their home. Whatever they have done the entire day, at night they want to go back home and be in the safe and secured environment of their home. So, if you are planning to stay overnight make sure you inform your kids about that well in advance.

Take their bedtime essentials, like their favourite storybook, their pillow as well as blanket. Once they have their own stuff around, the transition becomes a little easy.

If you are staying back at a friend’s or a cousin’s place, make sure you give them enough time to get comfortable and don’t ever rush them to socialize.

Some more handy tips

  • Travel as light as possible. However, never miss out any essentials of your kid.
  • If going by air, make sure to keep your passport and tickets handy to avoid any last moment rush.
  • Check in online so all you have to do is give in your luggage.
  • Carry enough toys and eatables to keep your kid occupied.
  • Carry basic medications and syrups in your hand luggage.

So, that is pretty much everything that you need to know before you travel. One last piece of advice – be relaxed all the time, remain calm, and enjoy your travel to the fullest.