A Big Welcome To All You New Moms!

baby-1570701_1920Bread and Roses is your one-stop shop for information, advice, tips and community to help you get the very most out of being a new Mum and do the very best for your new baby.

Bringing a new child into the world is an exciting thing indeed and no doubt you’re overcome with joy and excitement.

But let’s be honest… you’re also probably a little anxious!

It’s a huge responsibility and no matter how many books you read, nothing will quite prepare you for what’s likely to be the biggest challenge of your life!

That’s why this site exists: to help new Moms come to terms with their new situation and learn the ropes. We’ll guide you from start to finish while also welcoming you into our active community of other new parents. Share your tips, ask questions and perhaps you’ll feel a little less anxious and a little less alone through it all.

What You’ll Find Here

So what can you expect to find on our little slice of the internet?

Here at Bread and Roses, you’ll find a ton of information specifically aimed at new Moms. That includes:

  • Lifestyle and opinion pieces
  • Instructions and how tos
  • Common questions answered
  • Tips, advice and lifehacks
  • Product reviews and descriptions
  • Ideas for activities
  • Health tips
  • Psychology and learning tips
  • And much more!

All of our content is thoroughly researched and written by experts who know what they’re talking about. We take our job very seriously and promise to only ever provide you with the most insightful, useful and engaging content on parenthood and we won’t forget the fur babies either.

Or why not take part in the active discussion in our comments sections? We have some truly wonderful readers, including other new mums and old-timers who have some experience.

But of course everyone is different and everyone’s experience will vary. We’re not here to provide a blueprint or a road map – you have to find your own way! We just hope that by offering a little entertainment and information, we can help to make parenthood a little easier, a little more fun and a little less scary!

So with that, we very much hope you enjoy the site! Take a look at the different sections to find the content you’re looking for and if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to get in touch.

Thank you for choosing Bread and Roses and welcome to motherhood!